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LINC (Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada) has been successfully delivered by MCS since 1992. The program has been funded by IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada). The program offers English language instruction within a broad settlement and integration perspective. Classes focus on the development of English language skills in the important areas of speaking, reading, writing and listening, developing and enhancing life skills and other skills of our clients, and providing knowledge of Canadian culture and norms. The LINC program is designed to assist newcomers to Canada with their settlement and English language needs. Participants improve their English skills while learning how to successfully integrate into Canadian society.

Curriculum units such as Health, Education, Employment, Canadian law and other relevant concepts are all introduced to our clients to develop effective day-to-day communication. Computer assisted language learning is also a component of the program.

LINC also offers the Care for Newcomer Children (CNC) program while learners attend classes. The CNC program is free of charge and is designed to improve children’s social skills, creativity and language skills. It accommodates children from 6 months to 6+ years of age. Children are placed in age appropriate groups where they do learning activities and games, sing and read stories, make arts and crafts… The CNC has qualified staff that are warm, caring and friendly. You can rest assured that your child is well taken care of and happy.

To be eligible for the LINC program in Ontario, you must:

  • Be a permanent resident of Canada
  • Convention Refugee
  • A person residing in Canada whose application for Permanent Resident status is being processed and who has been informed by a letter from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada of the initial approval of your application subject to an admissibility assessment (I.E having Approval-In-Principle);
  • Be at least 18 years old; and
  • Take a language assessment test at a Language Assessment Centre to determine which level is right for you.

You are NOT eligible for LINC if you are a:

  • Canadian citizen
  • Refugee claimant
  • Temporary resident (such as foreign student, foreign worker or visitor)